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The Power In The Sun

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

What a manic few weeks it has been! I know a lot of you follow my story on Twitter but the reality of everything has finally caught up with me. Without PTSD, life has highs and lows. With PTSD, I find that these get amplified massively!

The lows can get really low and the highs, well, I am not sure if they feel good because of the lows being so low or they are actually over-enhanced.

I really find power in the sun. I find that meeting it every day for sunrise is important to how I feel. There really is power in the light. The sun is our key life source. Without its warmth and consistency, we would not exist. Have this in perspective along with other things, helps ground me. It is incredibly humbling.

Last nights sunset was superb. We are set for a very wet overcast few days. It is during this time that I will rest my mind, process everything that has happened and embrace character building.

The journey with PTSD continues.

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