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Why Rain Matters

We are 55-60% water. Without it, we don't exist.

We have a week of rain forecast. As someone who thrives on sunrises, this can prove problematic. The sun lifts my mood for the day. The light and warmth from it, even in the deepest of winters, still lift my soul.

When we get rain periods, it's not unusual to not see the sunrises for a while. Being the type of person that I am, I can take this one of two ways.

I can let myself and mood decline but lift at the prospect of light or I can use this time to reflect, spend time listening to the rain and anticipate the glorious reflections.

The older I get, the more I appreciate different seasons. I don't mean seasons as in summer, winter etc, I mean seasons of the mind. The seasons that often get amplified by PTSD, depression or anxiety. Appreciate might seem like a strange term when you are talking about illness but there is something deeply profound about reflection.

When I leave various seasons, I always see things differently. Off course I have to drive negativity and push in optimism but when I look at reflection everything appears very different.

Without the rain, I would never change perspective. Looking at #thetree upside down shifts perspective. By shifting perspective I form a different appreciation for life itself.

Without rain, there wouldn't be puddles. Without puddles, there wouldn't be the reflection. Without reflection, perception would be limited.

Rian matters. ☺️

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